Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"My world exists in a place known only to those who have been here before. It is a place that allows me to escape the daily routine of life, to experience moments all my own, yet shared with others. My world exists on the ice, where I retain lifelong memories filled with the grandeur of battles past. It is here that life gives me opportunities to delve into a world only hockey players can appreciate. A world where anticipation is heavy with fear as I lace up my skates, knowing fate is in my hands with the stick that I taped. What would I do without this game in my life, or the place where dreams are made? What would I do without the dressing room, the smell of sweat-dried equipment, and the chatter of small talk as I prepare to go to war? What would I do without the cold crisp air burning my lungs as I skate hours on end, early mornings, late nights? What would I do without the travelling of great distances to take to the ice, or the sounds of pucks banging off battle-scarred boards? There is only one thing to do, and that would be to do it again, knowing that I wouldn't change it for anything. You see, each time I put on my jersey, I take pride in the very crest that means I am part of something special: A group of athletes willing to sacrifice individual achievements for The Ultimate Goal."

..... its great you know, being out there on the ice, and when you skate, its like flying, and all the cares in the world go out the door; and then my friend, its just you and the game. No more worrying about this and that, all those circular vicious thoughts are gone the instant you step down onto the ice. Thats the beauty of it really. The fire, the ice, and you. Thats all :) Its a team sport, at yet, at times, you feel you are the only one in the world....close your eyes...can you feel the rush when you score? up go the arms and the stick. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Can you hear your teammates and the crowd? Pain is temporary, Bones heal...but glory, my friends, that lasts forever :D

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